Mars eCommerce Scorecard

Project Overview


Jun 3 – July 30 ~ 2022


Mars, Incorporated

Project Goal

Create a scorecard that gives a comprehensive view of enterprise KPIs across total eCommerce for the US.


UX Design Internship

Project Summary

Create a new, contemporary interface for Mars executive management. The enterprise includes Amazon, Chewy, Mars Wrigley, and the top four Omni retailers (Target/ Petsmart/Kroger/Petco). Four pillars span across the entire enterprise: Develop, Supply, Market, and Sell. These pillars will include a perspective on portfolio innovation, supply chain, content service, media, traffic, eventing, and retailer strategic partnerships.

This scorecard will be reviewed at least once a period by senior stakeholders but could also be refreshed daily/weekly based on the availability of data. 


Above is the project summary,  typology guidelines, and basic layout for all screen designs.

Project Challenge

The total business is evaluated based on business function, brand, or retailers. This report needs to give a consistent level of metrics viewed across executive summary scorecards that are evolving over time. Comparing trends across retailers will better help diagnose when Mars has an internal opportunity vs a specific retailer issue that needs to be solved. 

We also need to ensure that the new layout, design, and colors do not hinder the performance of decision-making or KPI analysis. 


Final screen layouts for each business function: executive summary, develop, supply, market, sell, and definitions. 


Each pillar had its own set of specifications and obstacles that needed to be overcome; however, my project lead and I had frequent meetings with each other and employees from each respective department of the enterprise. Eventually, all necessary and supplementary elements were built out and added to the page layouts. Finally, we marked all the specifications of each element in order to be sent over to the software/engineering team.

This style of spec documentation is extremely helpful for the engineering team because it shows them the exact specifications of each element. The following images show the specifications for each design element. 


Detailed spec documentation. 


The layout had small roadblocks during its creation, and the specification document allowed the engineering team to complete the rest of the project entirely on their own. They had little issues recreating the design elements and did not need much further assistance from the UX team once our deliverable was met. 

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