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The goal of the Pioneer article hub was to help form brand perspective. There is a need to tell a stronger overarching performance story. Today, audience perception of Pioneer performance lags reality. This perception cuts across product portfolios in various regions, so the need has been elevated to a brand or “multi-crop” priority. 
As one of two UX designers for this project, I closely worked with customer representatives, and stakeholders to understand the what’s, the why’s, and the how’s of their needs. I iteratively designed the UI while navigating tight timelines, shifting priorities, and process issues.
This case study presents the design process and the outcomes. Then, it presents one process challenge and two design problems encountered during this project, along with how I overcame them.

Business/Marketing Objectives

  • Focus on shifting performance perception: perception of yield and performance doesn’t match with the real results.
  • Establish Pioneer as leaders in yield and consistency thanks to exclusive genetics, differentiated traits, and leading agronomy.

Media Plans and Goals

60% awareness / 40% traffic budget balance.

  • Awareness – Drive leadership message recall; secondary goal to encourage visitors to visit regional landing page through vanity URL.
  • Consideration – Drive qualified traffic to Central and Dakotas regional landing pages to engage in content.

KPIs Measured

  • Awareness – Qualified impressions
  • Consideration – Click Through Rate, Non-Bounce Visits, Bounce Rate
    • Success will be measured by overall quality of page visits and engagement, not specifically engagement in the two hero content pieces (e.g., Planting Guide and Scouting Calendar)

My notes and reflections will go here.



  • 250+ corn/soy growers
    • Growers are getting out into the fields planting in April/May.
    • High level focus is prepare yield
  • Central and Dakotas Regions 
  • Emphasis on low share and no share (prospect) audience segments.


  • Showcase key agronomic problems and offer solutions using external channels to drive to the leadership campaign destination. 
  • Tell the overarching yield and consistency story across channels and content, shifting the high-level focus for each quarter, but still laddering to the overarching story.


Feature top yield problems: CRW, soybean weed control, tar spot, white mold, and corn insects.

Key activities (planting guide, scouting guide, etc.) that links to articles.

Telling the yield and consistency story by leading with our expert management solutions (ex. tips for managing soybean disease to defend yield).


The performance / yield results / innovation story leads and showcases R&D efforts (trials, germplasm, etc.). Linking out to learn more (100 bu/a soybeans, corn innovation page)

Followed by educating farmers on R&D efforts to support the latest product offerings and solutions.

External channel role: Teases how to achieve high yield and consistent results to get farmers to the page to learn more.

Content role: Provides agronomic or R&D data proof to achieve higher yields and consistent results with Pioneer.

Due to the seasonal changes of agriculture, each quarter of this campaign needed to solve a different problem. 

Narrowing Scope

Creative Assets and Deliverables

Feature local field agronomists in the creative display and delivery (e.g., quotes, video or audio).

Geographic relevance in our ad messaging is key. Instead of saying “your area”, we’ll want to be specific to increase relevance. Regional references such as “Upper Midwest” might work for example in the Dakotas region, but state references are ideal. For broadcast media such as radio Pioneer would like to include state specific vanity URLs for the CTA – example – or

Must Include

Reporting Format and Frequency

  • Radio/Digital: General leadership message promotion directing to regional landing pages to learn more. We will likely have more than one message in rotation.
    • Example Message: “Pioneer delivers an 11 bu/ advantage in IL, see how we are working with growers to make that happen at”
    • Example Message: “See how farmers in your area are achieving 100+ bu/a soybean and 300+ bu/a corn yields with Pioneer at”


  • Digital Only: Encourage growers to visit regional landing pages to get access to timely, localized agronomy content. (e.g., Planting Guide in April, Scouting Calendar in May).
    • Looking at the current page layout, the agronomy content will likely be “below the fold”, especially on mobile. Given that and the fact that the grower will need a second click to access the full piece of ungated content, we’ll use a general “tips and advice” message like below instead of specifically promoting the Planting Guide or the Scouting Calendar in the ad copy.
  • Not that visitors will be able to view the feature content on the page and also will be able to download the feature content 

This effort will be incorporated into our monthly reporting cadence.

  • Media Strategy/Tactical Plan – PowerPoint presentation
  • Media Tactical Plan – Flowchart


  • Send media brief by 2/20
  • Media brief approval by 2/22
  • Present media plan by 3/6
  • Media plan approval by 3/15
  • Launch Paid Media mid-April

My notes and reflections will go here.

Measured Impact Coming Soon

This project is ongoing and the full campaign impact will be added here.

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